Q: What is Farmers Market Direct?

A: We are a specialty grocery store in Fort Smith, AR. Our concept is to source products as locally as possible to provide a platform for local farmers and artisans to sell their goods through year-round.

Q: Who are the owners?

A: Dr. Sean Baker and his wife Erica, along with their friends, Josh and Kim Bice

Q: Why did you start this store?

A: Our families love to buy local, fresh ingredients, but with our busy schedules, we could never make it out to the Saturday morning farmers markets... so we thought- what if we could provide the same farmers market type products and make them more readily available for families like ours.

Q: Can I sell my products through your shop?

A: We are proud that our vendors receive 66.7% of the retail sales price. We hope that providing this platform and helping out with the business side of things, it will allow farmers and artisans more time to focus on their craft and more opportunity to sell their products.

If you want to sell beef, chicken, pork, or another type of protein, call or text Josh at 479.462.6550. If you have anything else you'd like to sell through the store, call Kim at 479.353.0273 or email kimbice@ymail.com

Q: Where is all the produce?

A: Because we source things as locally as possible, we don't have the imported produce that you see in other grocery stores. As soon as things are growing in the River Valley, are farmers will bring them to us. We do stock locally grown and harvested microgreens, mushrooms, and hydroponic lettuces year round.