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Our Local Partners

Let us be your connection to ranchers, farmers, and artisans near you. 

Interested in partnering with us! We're always looking for new ways to support our community. Contact us to start the conversation.

Here's a list of our local partners:

  • A&A Orchard- Green Forest, AR

    A&A Orchard- Green Forest, AR

    Since 1979, A&A has grown tree fruit in the Ozarks, balancing orchard care with habitat care through sustainable, IPM practices. Our orchard to market model assures single-origin fruit at peak flavor and in season. Please meet us at an area market June-December.

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  • Aunt Susie's Granola- Siloam Spring, AR

    Aunt Susie's Granola- Siloam Spring, AR

    My Aunt Susie makes THE BEST granola. She tweaked her recipe for over a year until she got the perfect blend of ingredients. On a visit she shared all her granola secrets with me, and I was hooked! I began making granola for family and friends and then began to experiment with different flavor combinations. In the Fall of 2021, with my aunt’s blessing, I created Aunt Susie’s Granola. The Original granola is her original recipe! My Aunt Susie and I come from a long line of creative bakers. I love sharing my new granola creations with her and she is my favorite test subject and critic. My artisan granola is made in small batches and hand-turned to create the perfect blend of ingredients. Over the past year I have added Overnight Oats and Praline Pecans to our lineup of products.

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  • Black Bison Coffee Company- Fort Smith, AR

    Black Bison Coffee Company- Fort Smith, AR
  • Blackberry Hill Farms- Rich Hill, MO

    Blackberry Hill Farms- Rich Hill, MO

    Blackberry Hill Farms is located in Rich Hill, Missouri. Their establishment is a small, family oriented Old Order Mennonite business that still believes in doing everything the old way; no electricity, no motors. Their jams and jellies are even cooked by wood-fired kettles. Their goal is not to improve on the flavors of nature, but to get as close as they can to the real thing. Farmers Market Direct is proud to offer their products and think they fully embrace our slogan "Back to Basics".

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  • Blue Moon Mushroom Farms- Fort Smith, AR

    Blue Moon Mushroom Farms- Fort Smith, AR

    Jessica Blanzy a native of River Valley, Jim a transplant from the midwest found a love for the city of Fort Smith and all it has to offer. Jessica and Jim met through a mutual friend and have been together ever since. Jim has a passion for cooking and loves to experiment with food. He was unable to find the mushrooms he was interested in so we started growing mushrooms in our home during Covid.

    In the fall of 2021, the hunt for a bigger space to grow for the public started. We searched for just the right place and after several months signed a lease in January of 2022.

    Jessica handles the operations side of the mushrooms and Jim handles all maintenance and engineering requirements for the farm.

    We have definitely been enjoying our time so far as mushroom farmers and being able to provide a locally sourced product to our community.

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  • Cactus Creek Flowers- Van Buren, AR

    Cactus Creek Flowers- Van Buren, AR


    Locally Grown Flowers, from Seed to Stem

    Cactus Creek Flowers is a flower farm located in Van Buren, Arkansas that produces locally grown, fresh-cut flowers and foliage for florists, markets, and events. Our flowers are sustainably and organically grown, for the health of our soil, pollinators, and customers.

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  • Cooks Venture- Decatur, AR

    Cooks Venture- Decatur, AR

    Cooks Venture chicken is not your ordinary chicken. In fact, we're a whole different breed. The meat is juicy with real rich chicken flavor. Our heirloom birds are pasture-raised, living outdoors in the Arkansas sunshine. They eat a diverse blend of Non-GMO feed in addition to plenty of insects and natural foliage on our regenerative farm.

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  • Deb's Gourmet Pantry- Fayetteville, AR

    Deb's Gourmet Pantry- Fayetteville, AR
  • Farmers Market Direct Prepared Meals and Catering- Fort Smith, AR

    Farmers Market Direct Prepared Meals and Catering- Fort Smith, AR

    Farm to table prepared for you to enjoy without the hassle of cooking it yourself! 

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  • Farmers Market Direct- Fort Smith, AR

    Farmers Market Direct- Fort Smith, AR

    Private label, Farmers Market Direct.

    We partner with local farmers who produce outstanding goods but prefer to focus on farming rather than the business side of things.  Their quality and growing methods align with our beliefs and earn the right to our personal label.  In addition, we utilize these products in a commercial kitchen and make prepared foods for your convenience! 

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  • Filth & Fowl Farms- Charleston, AR

    Filth & Fowl Farms- Charleston, AR

    We are a small family-owned farm based in Charleston, Arkansas.

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  • Fort Smith Coffee Company- Fort Smith, AR

    Fort Smith Coffee Company- Fort Smith, AR

    For nearly a decade, we have been ethically sourcing raw coffee beans from the best coffee regions in the world. We develop roast profiles that allow each origin to shine uniquely, so that the coffee in this bag is the finest quality. Time spent living and studying in Australia and other U.S. cities, prepared us to bring fresh, relevant coffee culture to our hometown of Fort Smith, AR. As a veteran and female owned/operated business, with roots at the local farmer’s market, we now create cafes and roasting facilities where ALL are welcome. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the people around us, with kindness and compassion because we believe lives can be changed with a cup of great coffee and a little bit of love.

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  • Fort Smith Popcorn Co- Fort Smith, AR

    Fort Smith Popcorn Co- Fort Smith, AR

    All of our Gourmet Popcorn is handcrafted and is guaranteed to stay fresh for 100 days. We actually package the popcorn within minutes of popping. We use high-quality ingredients including real cheese for superior flavor and maximum freshness with no additional preservatives. We really do take pride in everything we make and always season the popcorn to perfection. Made with love from Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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  • Gehrke Jerky & Gourmet Goods - Greenwood, AR

    Gehrke Jerky & Gourmet Goods - Greenwood, AR

    We are a Local family-owned company

    Gehrke Jerky & Gourmet Goods of Greenwood, AR We are a family-owned company headquartered in nearby Greenwood, Arkansas.

    We specialize in small-batch craft jerky, salami, dried meats, and other gourmet foods.

    We offer only premium 100% beef brisket that is super tender and full of flavor. We produce a nice selection of flavors that are marinated for up to 24 hours thus giving you an excellent taste from Hot to Not.

    Our family invites you to try some and see for yourself


    We also have a full line of meats & cheese for snacking or your next BIG event board.

    Epicurean Cheese & Charcuterie Gifts


    Epicurean Cheese & Dried Meats

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  • Goaty Goodness- Pocola, OK

    Goaty Goodness- Pocola, OK

    Goaty goodness is built on a desire for safe healthy options for you, the people you love, your pets, and the planet.  

    Our heart at Goaty Goodness is to make sure the products we create have goodness at their core. We have purposefully chosen each ingredient that goes into every bar of soap we make, with your health in mind. Our promise to you is if we don’t want it on our bodies it will not go on yours. 

    Goaty Goodness is run by a mother, daughter, and niece team who are backed and supported in every way by an amazing family! We are located in Pocola, Oklahoma on a multigenerational farm that has been in the family for over 60 years. We use sustainable practices on our farm. Those include rotational grazing and free-choice minerals. We are honored to bring the quality milk we enjoy daily, to you through our goat milk soap.

    All Our Soaps Have a Goat Milk Base

    Goat milk is rich in both saturated and unsaturated fats, making it ideal for soap production. Saturated fats increase a soap’s lather — or production of bubbles — while unsaturated fats provide moisturizing and nourishing properties. Goat Milk, one of nature’s finest moisturizers, contains alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamins A & D brighten the skin. Because of its unique short protein strand structure, the abundance of natural minerals and vitamins in our goat's milk is easily absorbed into your skin, helping to moisturize, protect, and heal.

    We use only fresh goats milk from our herd that is raised on organically maintained pastures. We use sustainable practices of rotational grazing, and in addition they have access to clean water and 20 free choice minerals at all times. These are practices that are good for the goats, good for the land which ultimately means that it is good for your skin.

    Additionally, we use plant-based organic olive and organic coconut oil to further increase the content of healthy, nourishing fats. The olive oil has hydrophilic antioxidants that help to form a protective barrier, trapping moisture on your skin and allowing for longer hydration. Coconut oil contains cleansing properties as well as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties which may be helpful in a wide range of skin conditions, including eczema, acne, and psoriasis. We use only cold pressed certified organic oils to ensure only the best for your skin.

    We will end with a quick note about fragrance oils. While we understand this isn’t the choice of every natural skin care user, we provide “clean” fragrance oils for those who are trying to cross over into healthier options, but aren’t quiet ready to give up all the fragrance yet.

    We have chosen to use packaging methods that do not create waste for future generations. We use glass, metal, and paper whenever possible to ensure that we are keeping our environmental footprint low. 

    When shrink wrapping our soaps we use a breakthrough technology called Biolefin which completely breaks down 18 months from when it hits the landfill.

    For our online store we have chosen to use biodegradable packing peanuts that are made from corn and potato starch that dissolve in water, and the second best part of the packing peanuts is that they are made right here in the USA.

    When you support us you are helping us make a difference for our planet and future generations.

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  • Grange Therapie Red Wolf Rabbit Ranch- Uniontown, AR

    Grange Therapie Red Wolf Rabbit Ranch- Uniontown, AR

    Our products never have parabens, phthalate or sodium lauryl sulfate.  Mild nature-based body products for skin and hair. Ranch made at petite protein ranch in Uniontown Arkansas Crawford County.  We specialize in 3 to 6 ingredients maximum...both scented and unscented. Unscented products are 100% plant. Scented products are either 100% essential oil or human-made fragrance oil.  We offer complimentary bunny visits to local parks and homes for children with Down's syndrome and children with quadriplegia, rental cottages, and upcoming rustic ceremony venue free to couples with Down's Syndrome/quadriplegia.  We never use parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, perfumes, fragrances with phthalates, dyes, optical brighteners or fabric softeners.  

    Crafted in the Ozark foothills of Crawford County
    Compostable or Reusable Packaging: Free of Plastic
    A two-person business that offers volunteer internships to youth and adults of all abilities in pasture-raised petite proteins, marketing, and agritourism: including native wildflower prairies & yoga.
    When a family member's cancer team asked them to set aside most of their body products I decided to learn to make natural chemical-free products with the occasional use of fragrance oil due to demand.

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  • Guenther Apiary- Roland, AR

    Guenther Apiary- Roland, AR

    In 2017, Mark Guenther left the corporate world and took up beekeeping as a hobby. In 2019, Mark and his wife, Trisha Guenther, started Guenther Apiary Farm and began selling local honey throughout the State of Arkansas. In 2020, Danny Brewer, a former State Bee Inspector, and Air Force member, joined Guenther Apiary Farm. 

    Together they supply 100% local honey, beeswax candles, and bees throughout the State of Arkansas. We ensure our products are pure and clean, giving you products the way bees intended you to have it. 

    Thanks for shopping local, 

    Guenther Apiary Farm

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  • Harvest Moon Bakery- Fort Smith, AR

    Harvest Moon Bakery- Fort Smith, AR

    We are a family-owned and operated bakery that focuses on the quality of products. We make everything absolutely from scratch, you will find no buckets of icing or premixes here! Every recipe is carefully crafted with the highest standards, to serve our community something truly unique and memorable.

    From authentic long-fermented sourdough bread to laminated danish, and French croissants, we truly make a little of everything! We are delighted to bring the taste of Europe to our hometown, and we thoroughly enjoy providing our community with delicious baked goods. If you've never been to France, try a butter croissant, if you want to be the hero this holiday season, bring one of Harvest Moon's amazing old-fashioned pecan pies, you truly have never tasted another like it. It is our delight to share with your family, the recipes that bring back so many happy memories and pave the way for new traditions.

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  • Healing Moon Farm & Soapery - Booneville, AR

    Healing Moon Farm & Soapery - Booneville, AR

    Visit our website

    We are a small organic farm and natural soapery dedicated to eco-friendly products. Located in Booneville, AR but opening our first ever brick & mortar at The Barracks at Chaffee in Fort Smith, AR in 2024!

    We take pride in our ingredients. 

    Handcrafted in small batches without machines, our soaps feature all-natural, non-GMO, food grade ingredients farmed by sustainable growers. They're biodegradable, cruelty-free, soy-free, sulfate-free (SLS/SLES), paraben-free, phthalate-free (including packaging), and gluten-free.

    We source palm oil from RSPO-compliant companies and our glycerin is derived from vegetable oils, never from animal fats.

    Essential Oils & Plants

    We never use fragrance oils. All of our scents come from GC-MS tested essential oils that also carry a Certificate of Analysis. Our Essential Oils are USA produced by a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility that is inspected and audited annually.

    All oils are produced in sterile, clean room environments with top notch Quality Control (QC) standards. Essential oils are gluten-free, non-GMO, and come from sustainable growers. We use the appropriate proportion of essential oils to ensure the lowest chance of allergic or adverse reaction.

    We color our soaps with plants, herbs and clays, not micas. All of our product packaging is zero waste.

    Read more about our eco-friendly commitment

    Read more about our product ingredients


    Our Story

    It all began in 2018 when my husband and I were navigating our busy lives in Washington D.C. Despite the excitement of our careers, the stress was slowly engulfing us.

    DC's competitive culture left us feeling disconnected, yearning for a deeper connection to our roots. So, we made a bold decision to return to Texas, make career changes and reconnect with the land. With cherished memories of childhood spent working on small farms, we founded Healing Moon Farm and Ranch®—a sanctuary where we could cultivate not just crops but also our own well-being.

    Our farm was teeming with life, from Dorper sheep and llamas to a vibrant array of chickens and fragrant lavender.

    Yet, amidst the hustle of our corporate careers, our farm remained a weekend retreat, a haven from the chaos of city living. It was during this time that I began experiencing severe skin allergies, reacting to the synthetic chemical-laden products lining store shelves. Thus Healing Moon Soapery® was born. Turning to nature for reprieve, I discovered the gentle touch of goat milk soap, sparking a journey of exploration into natural remedies.

    Midway through 2019, a chance encounter at a local school’s PTA fair unveiled the potential of our handmade soaps. With each bar sold, we witnessed stories of transformed skin and newfound confidence. It was a revelation—we had stumbled upon something truly special.

    In 2020, seeking refuge from the encroaching city, we traded the outskirts of Dallas/Fort Worth for the serene Ouachita Mountain landscapes of Booneville, AR. But even amidst the tranquility, the specter of chronic stress lingered. My health took a devastating blow in 2022 when Lyme disease struck, leaving me battling chronic illness, autoimmunity and facing an uncertain future.

    Faced with this adversity, I made a leap of faith, choosing to prioritize my well-being. I bid farewell to my data science career, embracing Healing Moon wholeheartedly. Determined to reclaim my health, I delved into holistic healing, expanding our product line to encompass a range of natural, toxin-free essentials.

    Today, as I stand on the path to recovery, I find solace in the simple joys of crafting natural products and nurturing our farm. At Healing Moon, quality isn't just a buzzword—it's a way of life. Every ingredient, meticulously sourced, reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

    Our journey isn't just about skincare; it's about empowerment—the power to make conscious choices for our health and our planet. So, as you welcome our products into your home, know that you're not just embracing a non-toxic regimen, but a philosophy—one rooted in harmony with nature and a deep respect for our bodies and the environment.

    Healing Moon Farm & Soapery is made up of two brands: Healing Moon Farm and Ranch® and Healing Moon Soaper

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  • House of Webster- Rogers, AR

    House of Webster- Rogers, AR

    Established in 1934, House of Webster celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2014. That gave us an opportunity to take a look at our rich history...

    The company was started by the husband and wife team Roy and Evelynn Webster. Roy worked his local newspaper route and sold milk, cakes, donuts, pies and other delicious items baked by his wife. By 1941, the Webster family and their delicious homemade goods were being sold to a local Freight company as gifts to their employees at the holidays. This began the long tradition of gifting at House of Webster.

    Starting in the 1970's, House of Webster placed a strong emphasis on building their gift business. As we headed into the 1990's and 2000's, House of Webster established themselves as a national player in the wholesale jams and jellies market.

    As we have hit our stride in 2022 and beyond, House of Webster continues to produce the highest quality jams, jellies, preserves, fruit spreads, fruit butters, relishes, salsas, mustards, syrups, BBQ sauces and pickled products. We continue to feature our delicious products in many unique gourmet food gifts.

    Contact us for further information about our products.

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  • L's Girls- Shady Point, OK

    L's Girls Farm from Shady Point, OK provides fresh, hand-gathered eggs from happy, free-range hens. They free-range during the day, but are locked up in a coop at night for safety. Bears frequent the property, so it's for their own protection. Besides feasting on plants, seeds, nuts, and insects, the "girls" are fed Nature Wise Hearty Hen 18% Soy-Free Protein Pellets, Fancy Scratch Treats, wheat bread, and other things.

    The Girls' human, L, was raised around chickens and still enjoys sitting outside listening to them sing. When L hollers "Where's Mamma's babies?" they come running because they know it's treat time!

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  • Lakewood Organic Cold Pressed Juice

    Lakewood Organic Cold Pressed Juice

    All Lakewood Organic fruit and vegetables are grown and processed according to strict guidelines such as soil quality, pest and weed control, and without the use of additives, growth regulators or prohibited substances such as most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

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  • Lillie's Q- Originated in Memphis, TN

    Lillie's Q- Originated in Memphis, TN

    Serving up Southern BBQ that’s true to regional traditions while still creating unique, reimagined flavors is an art form in itself. Thanks to our founder, Chef Charlie McKenna’s Grandma Lillie, a full family lineage of barbeque passion, and a commitment to craft, we believe we’ve mastered it. And with our restaurants and a variety of sauces, rubs, chips and more – we’re excited to show you why it's unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

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  • Memory Lane Dairy

    Memory Lane Dairy

    Our Company

    Memory Lane Dairy is a small dairy with a big vision: to produce craft milk so fresh and healthy that you can taste the difference the moment you sip it. All of our milk comes from cows who have regular pasture access, where they can consume grass. We believe that is part of what makes Memory Lane milk taste so delicious. Our small staff pasteurizes and bottles our milk twice each week to ensure the milk stays as fresh and cold as possible. Memory Lane milk does not contain artificial growth hormones and is always tested for antibiotics, making our milk just as good for you as it is delicious. 

    We’re proud to say that our milk is sourced from local family farms, most of which are located within 50 miles of our bottling facility in Fordland, Missouri. Our dairy farmers utilize and adhere to the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Gold Standard Program, which provides on-farm best-practices evaluations to assess, analyze and provide feedback about on-farm practices; encourages continuous improvement; and recognizes farmers’ achievements. 

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  • Miller Pecan Company- Afton, OK

    Miller Pecan Company- Afton, OK
  • Miss Carla's BBQ Sauce- Roland, OK

    Miss Carla's BBQ Sauce- Roland, OK

    (Coming Soon)

    We started making homemade barbeque sauce for family cook-outs and church dinners about 25 years ago. After being encouraged by family and friends, we decided to start selling our sauces at local farmers markets and other venues. We produce our sauces in four delicious flavors: Sweet Southern, Sweet & Smoky, Sweet & Spicy; and Smoky & Spicy. All of our sauces are gluten-free, and dairy-free, with no preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. We are locally owned and operated. Please contact us for further information regarding our products.

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  • Mundi Sauce- Eureka Springs, AR

    Mundi Sauce- Eureka Springs, AR

    Mundi Sauce LLC, a family business located in the small tourist town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas began with a recipe and an idea.

    Small batch hot sauce, bringing in the unique flavors, followed by heat. Using only local Arkansas farmers, Mundi sauce is bringing a clean flavorful line of hot sauces, that are additive, and filler free.

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  • Natural State Beverage Company- Rogers, AR

    Natural State Beverage Company- Rogers, AR

    Creating Natural State Beverage Company was never a linear line for Krista and Ty Cloud. It all began with a passion for brewing kombucha and craft soda at home and their love for the outdoors. 

    They were hosting a grassroots biking event when they realized that their homemade drinks were very popular and could be more than just a hobby. 

    Starting in their kitchen and with their two young children, they began crafting flavors that were made with real ingredients and appealed to the whole family. 

    The Cloud family launched their first products in the fall of 2021 at the Bentonville Farmers Market and other local breweries/shops. A year later they moved into their own production facility in downtown Rogers. Beginning with raw ingredients, packaging and distribution the entire process is entirely run by the owners. Each flavor has been uniquely crafted with real ingredients with the goal of being your new favorite local craft soda and/or kombucha.

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  • Natural Way- Fayetteville, AR

    Natural Way- Fayetteville, AR

    Natural Way fit the lifestyle of its two founders, Austin and Quinn. As the company launched in the middle of 2018, placing an emphasis on eating healthy and environmental sustainability was very important. We also ate a LOT of nut butter. We saw a void for flavorful nut butters that offered little sugar and that didn’t have palm oil. Making our nut butter with olive oil allowed for a sustainable and healthy option! We were passionate about bringing high quality and unique products that represented the Natural Way brand and that passion made launching Natural Way together a lifelong dream come true.

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  • Osage Creek Farms- Fayetteville, AR

    Osage Creek Farms- Fayetteville, AR

    Raising grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, sheep, and goat in the beautiful Osage Valley

    Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence. 

    We believe God has entrusted this little corner of Earth to us and it's our job to steward it well.
    We believe implementing regenerative agricultural principles allows us to do just this. 

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  • Ozark All Seasons- Winslow, AR

    Ozark All Seasons- Winslow, AR

    Welcome to Ozark All Seasons Farm 

    Northwest Arkansas’ new green energy farming operation.

    The new geothermal/solar greenhouse is able to produce fresh lettuce, salad greens, and microgreens all year long in a fully insulated structure that has an extremely low carbon footprint.

    The highly intensive hydroponic system uses a fraction of the water and fertilizer as field-grown greens, with no run-off. A combination of organic and inorganic nutrients are blended for taste and environmental sustainability. The plants are clean, healthy, free of soil-borne diseases, and nutrient-dense. No pesticides are used just beneficial organisms when needed.

    Produced just miles from your local grocery store, our products are the freshest possible, yielding maximum taste and nutrition. Locally-produced also means a minimum of fossil fuels are used in harvesting, packaging, cooling, and transportation. Support your local economy and choose the freshest, most earth-friendly produce available.

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  • Packard Point Ranch- Muldrow, OK

    Packard Point Ranch- Muldrow, OK

    Homegrown | Antibiotic Free | Hormone Free

    Healthy | High Quality Beef

    Packard Point Ranch Cattle operation hold the highest of standards in breeding and raising marketable cattle within our registered herd, stocker calves and homegrown butcher beef. Packard Point Ranch Beef is 100% antibiotic free. We try our best to bring high quality, healthy beef to our customers

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  • Pleasant Acres Garden- Rudy, AR

    Pleasant Acres Garden- Rudy, AR


    Pleasant Acres Garden is a small market garden in Rudy, AR following regenerative agriculture practices. We grow food for flavor and adventure, focusing on rare and heirloom varieties. All our food is organically grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizer. We grow what we love and look forward to sharing it with you.

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  • Pozza's Pasta- Tontitown, AR

    Pozza's Pasta- Tontitown, AR

    Welcome to our kitchen! We are grateful you found us and anxious for you to see what has made us the favorite local source of handmade pastas since 1977. We are a small family-owned shop located in the heart of Tontitown, Arkansas. In case you haven't sensed it yet, we are passionate about our gourmet pasta, still made in the old-world tradition with the highest quality ingredients. Now we are offering our handcrafted pastas all around the world through our online store. If you haven't tried it yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised with how amazing pasta should taste!

    The Ingredients:

    Pozza’s Artisan Handcrafted Italian Pasta is handmade daily by us in small batches, using locally sourced fresh eggs and a specially milled unbleached flour sourced from high-quality American farms that create the perfect texture in a pasta - not too hard, not too soft. We have perfecting dough kneading and do it minimally to achieve the perfect consistency. The pasta dough is then hand pressed over and again into sheets until it forms into the perfect thickness for our specialty noodles. Pozza's has no added salt, oils, preservatives, chemicals or additives. Just natural fresh ingredients, made in the old style. 

    The Pasta Dies (Extruders):

    As pasta artisans, we shape and form our fresh pasta dough using traditional bronze die cuts, which create a distinct porous texture on the pasta, far different than commercially made noodles. This texturing allows the pasta to retain more sauce beautifully, leading to a robust, flavorful experience. Commercially produced pasta is extruded and shaped through plastic Teflon dies which create a smooth surface pasta that releases most of its starch into the water and doesn’t absorb the sauce.

    The Drying Process:

    Just like our Italian ancestors, we slowly air dry our pasta at low temperatures on wooden racks, not overly-dried with microwaves as in commercial processing. This creates a perfect outer crust on the surface of the pasta. The result is a full-flavored pasta because the integrity of the wheat and fresh ingredients have been preserved, naturally! Unlike commercially produced pastas, no chemicals or high-heat processes are used to speed up the drying time.

    At Pozza's, we are passionate about making pasta an extraordinary eating experience and here’s why – the kitchen is the gathering spot for families and friends alike, and for good reason. It’s where stories are told, hearts meld, and memories are created – all around a flavorful dish of pasta. We are delighted to share the bold, beautiful flavors of true old-world Italy with you through our line of Pozza’s Artisan Handcrafted Italian Pastas. We hope you enjoy eating our pasta as much as we enjoy making it!


    Welcome to our kitchen and buon appetit! 


    Lucius and Alison Mhoon

    Owners, Pozza's Pasta

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  • Ralston Family Farms- Atkins, AR

    Ralston Family Farms- Atkins, AR

    The Ralston family has been farming for over ten generations. We know first-hand that you reap what you sow. This is why we take the greatest care in using sustainable methods to produce the best rice for your family. We are delighted that the results of all this hard work makes its way to your table, too.

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  • Rustic Strength- Mansfield, MO

    Rustic Strength- Mansfield, MO

    Strong working, nontoxic cleaning & household products.

    We never use parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, perfumes, fragrances with phthalates, dyes, optical brighteners or fabric softeners.

    • Proudly Made in the Ozarks

    • Family-owned and operated

    • Handcrafted soaps with essential oils

    • Recycled packaging + Closed Loop

    • Hypoallergenic options

    • No unnecessary fillers

    Rustic Strength is a family-owned and operated company. 

    Our beliefs are simple, what you pour into the earth you will get out of the earth. My husband and I created Rustic Strength out of a need to reduce harmful chemicals out of our families lives. 

    My son started showing signs of sensitivities at the age of 18 months. He collapsed in his Aunt Beth's arms one day on the way to church. We rushed him to the hospital. We went six months without finding answers. He then started having other issues relating to his skin and lungs. He would have anaphylaxis reactions to random things at random times. We had epi-pens stored everywhere because we just never knew what he was going to react to. We decided to take drastic measures. We removed all the carpet, all fake plants, all feather pillows, and all foods with dyes. We changed all our cleaning products to hypoallergenic and he would still have reactions. We learned so much from chasing his illness. 

    I, Alicia, started having endocrine issues around the age of 40. I started looking hard into products along with the food that I was eating. I am a retired personal trainer so my nutrition was pretty spot on (pollotarian). I took a deeper dive into all the chemicals in my cleaning products, body, and hair care products. I started researching all the chemicals (before it was cool) in all the products. It was hard to find the information needed to make really good decisions. Unlike today where there is a lot of information.

    I finally got frustrated enough that my husband and I started experimenting with our own laundry detergent. It took months and months of work to finalize our first real product. We then tested it for over two years before deciding to make a company out of the knowledge we have and the drive to help others lead a better life with better chemicals in there products.

    My husband and I knew when we launched our company that we wanted to be different than all the big box store brands. We looked toward our local health food store about starting a refill exchange program. At first, they where not so on board. However, we found another refill shop that was just opening their doors and we aligned perfectly with each others mission.  

    We offered a close the loop program with all of our customers from the conception of our business. We didn't have to be asked to change our manufacturing procedures. We had in place a lot of sustainable practices and we keep finding new ways to help reduce our impact on the environment.

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  • Spring Creek Food Hub- Springdale, AR

    Spring Creek Food Hub- Springdale, AR

    Spring Creek Food Hub connects farmers and community, putting local food on local tables. By providing education, technical assistance, and supply chain access for local farmers, we move food to where people eat, shop, work, and play, ensuring healthy food access for all Northwest Arkansans.

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  • The Artistic Bean- Fort Smith, AR

    The Artistic Bean- Fort Smith, AR

    “We’re not into fancy packaging, we’re into fancy coffee” “We set out years ago to offer the area the very finest coffee we could produce and after the first sip you’ll Taste the difference.” We buy and roast only specialty grade, organic coffee of the highest quality. Try our coffee and experience what gourmet coffee is all about.

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  • The Mountain Valley Spring Water- Hot Springs, AR

    The Mountain Valley Spring Water- Hot Springs, AR

    America’s award-winning, natural, premium spring water since 1871.

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  • The Raw Chemist- Fort Smith, AR

    The Raw Chemist- Fort Smith, AR

    Handmade cosmetics made from scratch using science, by an actual scientist! Established in 2020 in Fort Smith, AR. 

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  • Top O'The Mount Farm- Winslow, AR

    Top O'The Mount Farm- Winslow, AR

    (Ground Beef Coming Soon)

    Bart and Pam Petray's mission is to provide only the best, most natural meats possible and still have the tenderness that rivaled corn-fed. Since their first few cows, they have expanded to include non-GMO pork, non-GMO chicken, and non-GMO eggs. Neither Bart nor Pam grew up on a farm, but it is in their hearts to provide meat and egg choices that are “clean and lean”. Their livestock are fed grass, hay, a mineral mix that they mix themselves, fresh water, and lots of growing time. No antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or other chemicals are fed to their animals. They are raised humanely in a calm and peaceful manner. If you are looking for an outstanding meat experience, try Top O'The Mount Farm and let your tongue do the deciding. 

    Top O’The Mount Farm is committed to being a consistent provider of clean and lean, high-quality cuts of meat, with the best flavor and tenderness, without the use of chemicals. By being good stewards of the land and raising our animals in a natural environment, we restore the skill of traditional farming and the “real” flavor we all expect to taste.  Their vision is to expand our production of clean and lean meats both in variety and in marketing venues, to provide the best tasting, reasonably priced, protein for the health-conscious in our area. 

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  • Up Jack Creek Farm- Booneville, AR

    Up Jack Creek Farm- Booneville, AR

    We farm using minimal tillage in raised beds and use only natural fertilizers. No harsh chemicals here! Also Non-GMO! We love farming and take pride in providing healthy choices for our community.

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  • Vital Coffee Roasters- Fort Smith, AR

    Vital Coffee Roasters- Fort Smith, AR

    Vital Coffee Roasters was built with the passion to support others, using coffee as its vessel. We operate through our mission:

    "To play a vital role in the community and lives of those we serve so that they may better impact those they encounter."

    We truly believe it is a ripple effect and that the good we do can allow others to live better lives. It is this concept, in combination with years of sourcing and roasting experience, that guides us in our partnerships. We continue to learn from research done around the world about how to better support our farmers and the global coffee community. Through these sustainable, individualized, and equitable methods, we aim to serve and play a vital role in uplifting all of those we encounter.

    Besides selling coffee, we also offer free consulting for equipment and coffee bar set ups. Get your ideal coffee bar for your home, cafe, office, or restaurant! Using our many years of coffee consulting experience, we will help you make a coffee ritual that is uniquely yours.

    Instagram: @vitalcoffeeroasters

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  • War Eagle Mill- Rogers, AR

    War Eagle Mill- Rogers, AR

    We take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality products that cater to your family’s needs. Our commitment to organic and non-GMO ingredients is at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Wild Bill's Craft Soda- Millington, NJ

    Wild Bill's Craft Soda- Millington, NJ

    Veteran Owned and Operated

    Proudly Served by Those Who’ve Served

    As a veteran-owned and operated company, Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co. does more than just serve up the most delicious, authentic, vintage sodas and craft beverages in America. We go out of our way to invest in the men and women who put their lives on the line for our great country, and for everyone who lives here.

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  • Zelli Pasta- Springdale, AR

    Zelli Pasta- Springdale, AR

    Zelli Pasta is a pasta producer based in Springdale, AR. We are family owned and operated!

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Farmers & Artisans,
Let's Work Together!

One of our main goals is to connect local farmers and artisans to consumers. By forming these relationships and keeping our dollars local, we believe it will strengthen our community and boost our local economy.