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A Farmers Market At Your Fingertips

Support Local - Fort Smith, AR

Let's build a better food system together.

Because food should not only taste good, it should make you feel good, too. 

Do our priorities align?


✔️ Health

All of our local producers proudly use organic practices. They stay away from any added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, preservatives, or filler that most large-scale producers use. Doc Baker is convinced that if his patients ate our food primarily (while being disciplined in their diet), that he would be able to eliminate 95% of his prescriptions.


✔️ Great Taste

We have a saying at Farmers Market Direct - If it wouldn’t go on our table, it’s not going on yours. With the freshest foods that comes from less than 100 miles away, the flavors are unparalleled!


✔️ Keep Your Money Local

Support the local economy, and we all benefit. At Farmers Market Direct, we pay our partners fairly, giving the producer the majority of every dollar you spend. 


✔️ Convenience

Save time and money by having your order delivered to your door. Or, if you'll already be downtown or like going for a ride, pickup curbside at our Fort Smith headquarters.


✔️ Animal Welfare

We care deeply about how God's creations are treated, and so do our farmers. We have personal relationships with everyone and can guarantee that our foods are ethically produced with the highest standard of animal welfare.


✔️ Food Security

We are living in a time in which we have unwittingly put all of our eggs in one basket. The age of the small farmer, who you know has your back, could be a thing of the past. Unless... we stick together now. Buying through Farmers Market Direct allows you to know that you're keeping trusted local farms alive, so they can supply you with the food you need to survive.

Loved By Our Community

Nothing beats ethically sourced products! Love supporting local businesses and families
Clayton McCall Clayton McCall
The ground beef doesn't even compare to what you get at Walmart, the taste is phenomenal.
Kim J. Kim J.
Love shopping here!!! Great products and always friendly and helpful!!! Great food!
Kerry Scott Kerry Scott
My order was delivered quickly. The prices are reasonable and everything I got tastes so fresh and delicious! They are also prompt with any questions I had. I will order again!
Melissa Price Melissa Price
Friendly service, unique experience. It's like shopping the farmers market , but online for pick up or delivery! We enjoy the locally sourced meats, eggs, seasonal produce, drinks and snacks. I highly recommend this business!
EJ318 J EJ318 J
Best of the best! I love their products and have been super happy with everything from eggs, chicken to a pair of earrings!
Jane-Ellen Kutchka Jane-Ellen Kutchka
First-time experience with ordering from Farmers Mkt Direct. I was very pleased with the product, the service, and efficiency. I will definitely be incorporating this service into my weekly meal planning.
Beth Smith Beth Smith
We're hooked! I like the fact they try and work with local businesses and they have some great food and groceries! Check it out.
Steve Matthew Steve Matthew

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When you directly support the local Fort Smith community, your life gains a bit more meaning. You become part of something bigger, you become part of our local community!

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Farmers & Artisans,
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One of our main goals is to connect local farmers and artisans to consumers. By forming these relationships and keeping our dollars local, we believe it will strengthen our community and boost our local economy.